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What are yoni eggs?

Why are yoni eggs beneficial?

How do you use a yoni egg?

‘Yoni’ is a Sanskrit word for the womb and means ‘sacred space’. This is the center that supports creativity, flow, fluidity and love.

A woman’s womb and yoni is her inner sanctum, a place to access our wisdom, our power.

The pelvic floor is a large group of muscles that form a ‘basket’ or a diaphragm which supports all of our internal organs. It is said that life force, prana or chi can leak through the pelvic floor and be lost if those muscles are weak. This life force energy is essential for maintaining high energy levels and longevity.

Living our busy lives, we do not engage the pelvic floor muscles. This leads to loss of sensitivity and sensation in the vaginal area, reproductive health problems, PMS and a disconnection to our sacred feminine energy.

Studies show that the main culprit of reproductive dis-ease is lack of blood flow to this area of the body.

Join us for an empowering and inspiring workshop to learn all about yoni eggs! We will be exploring breathing and movement exercises and you can practice this with/without yoni egg inside you.

Women of all levels of experience with yoni eggs are encouraged to join!!

Yoni Eggs will be available for purchase.



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